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Letter: Democrats are ignoring the crisis at our border

Here we have an invasion, yes an invasion, at our southern border and what are the Democrats doing?

The big Democratic stories in the news are the struggle for power within the party and that they will attempt to raise taxes as soon as they can. Also their investigative agenda will ensure nothing gets done in Congress. There you go, that’s it.

Are the Democrats doing anything to help solve the immediate problems at the border? They do not see any urgency. They are noticeably silent. What’s important to the citizenry is not important to them.

Are they listening to the Mexican people and their take on this? I do not think they watch the one network you will see this on for it does not fit the Democratic/mainstream media agenda and will not be broadcast. They want it to go bad so they can blame President Trump for the actions of previous presidents and lawmakers. Then it will be major news.

Additionally, they do not understand that Obamacare was a program where the government subsidies to the insurance companies to keep the cost down would go away and prices would skyrocket. But Democrats didn’t care about that and certainly did not advertise it while selling it.

The Democratic agenda is all about power and the money to maintain that power over the people by creating an even larger citizen-dependent welfare state. Free everything! A far cry from what the founding fathers envisioned.

In the midterm election, the voters of many states elected Democrats. The public is seeing early on the priorities of the Democratic Party. Nothing will get done and of course Trump will be blamed as he is for global warming, the wildfires in California and everything else that goes wrong in this country.

William G. Knab


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