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Letter: ‘Catches and Hunts’ photos should come with a warning

Approximately 82 percent of New York State residents (outside of New York City) are eligible to hold hunting licenses, according to population counts from the 2010 Decennial Census. From this pool of some 9 million people only 528,327, or 5.8 percent, are hunting license holders (Department of Environmental Conservation, 2017).

The obverse of this is that an overwhelmingly majority of 94.2 percent eligible residents have not pursued, and do not hold, hunting licenses.

The question begging to be asked then is why The Buffalo News caters to such a small minority with its publication of disturbing images in its “Catches and Hunts of the Week” section.

This graphic content should, at the very least, be nested or denoted as “sensitive content” and only visible to those readers clicking with intent to view. As the data shows, the majority of us would rather not be greeted with these heart-rending images as we sip our morning coffee.

Sarah Elizabeth Gatti


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