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Editorial: It seems to us — On to Christmas, a lucrative divorce and funny money

It is, finally, Christmas season, though still unofficial. Yes, the stores have been hauling out their holiday decorations since before Halloween and some incorrigible radio stations have already been filling the airwaves with Christmas music. But, now, with Thanksgiving past and a pre-winter chill setting in, it’s time for the caroling and Christmas shopping to begin.

We would point out that, in religious terms, the Christmas season more appropriately begins on Dec. 2, the start of the season of Advent. But why be technical when we have extra days to think about what Christmas should mean beyond gift-giving and additional stress?

And to that end, we note — with more details on this page Sunday — the 37th News Neediest drive kicked off this month, with a goal of providing presents and holiday meals to families that might otherwise go without. We invite you to join us in helping our fellow Western New Yorkers.

These two make divorce look attractive. Ross M. Cellino and Stephen E. Barnes — unhappy partners in the personal injury law firm that bears their names — are on a roll.

Even though Cellino has sued to break up the ubiquitous practice and bad blood flows between the two men, business is booming. Through September, the firm settled a record 2,383 cases for nearly $158 million, benefiting the two principals to the tune of $12 million each — so far.

Maybe they should have done this long ago.

Sometimes things are just too perfect. The Associated Press reports that in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, police looking for unregistered residents in an apartment building found 350,000 euros — equivalent to $400,000 — hidden in a washing machine.

Cops detained the man for money laundering.

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