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Letter: We should demand much better from leaders

Americans we deserve better from our elected officials. Millions of dollars were spent in the recent mid-term elections on political ads. Very few candidates told what they would do if elected, rather they demeaned their opponents with mean name calling and accusations.

Both parties are guilty of this childish behavior. When we need to come together our leaders are driving us further apart. Our children are not safe in schools. People are shot at concerts, malls, and even in their places of worship.

We need leaders who will put aside their 12-year-old bully mentality and step up to meet the issues. I want to see a better, safer America for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. We need officials who put country and values above their personal gains. We need leaders who will address health care, mental health, immigration, climate change, the deficit and all the other issues as adults who can work together for the common good.

We need leaders who do not demean people for their race, nationality, religion, political or sexual preference. Americans, we deserve better.

Robert Vossler


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