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Letter: MyView left this reader stunned and disappointed

Bob O’Connor dove to a record low penning his latest “My View” hurling pent up insults at the religious orders, specifically the nuns. Referring to the sisters of his South Buffalo parish as “giant vampire bats” and his vindictive diatribe describing their aesthetic lifestyle is simply outrageous and inflammatory.

I’m a Western New York Franciscan Associate of the Neumann Communities. They are a prayerful, charitable and compassionate order who work and pray unceasingly for the underprivileged families crushed by poverty and teach the English language to refugees on the west side of Buffalo as well. The commitment of the peaceful Franciscans is a godsend for healing and rebuilding of faith, form and spirit in an uneven world.

To read O’Connor’s narrow recollections of the sisters who, I feel, don’t deserve this criticism is heartbreaking, stupefying and repugnant. Incorporating the recent plague of allegations of wrong-doing priests as a pivotal point to help create his column to discredit all religious displays the earmark of poor judgment and poor journalism for a “practicing Catholic”.

O’Connor admits when meeting with his old classmates, “we did more drinking than planning,” and “reminiscing about the nuns” and his garble reflects that. I’ve followed O’Connor’s writing for years in this paper; I used to look forward to his humor and tact. Not this time, not today.

Janice Schlau


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