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Letter: Elections offer another chance to get it right

After seeing the election results the last few years from Western New York counties, it is obvious to me that H.L. Mencken must have been visiting our area when he issued his famous quote, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

The latest being the re-election of Chris Collins to Congress, after his arrest & Federal indictments. I strongly believe, that if Las Vegas posted odds on these charges, he would be a heavy underdog in proving he is innocent. When you have him on video, seconds after learning the bad news from his Australian company, he is calling his son from the White House lawn. These are federal prosecutors from a Republican administration filing these charges, who are usually very successful in their court cases. After these charges were filed, Collins was as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack. Post-election, there wasn’t a camera he would not talk in front of. How he can be re-elected without ever stating one program he has instituted in Washington which has benefited Western New York.

Guess there are more gun owners in his district that care more about the Second Amendment than real issues facing our country.

Next, was the re-election in a prior election of Tim Howard. He may be the most inept and unqualified person ever elected to county office. Another person who has done nothing for our law enforcement officers to help perform their difficult jobs. But he is fantastic at ignoring established procedures in operation the holding center, not filing accurate reports on suicides and other jail deaths, appearing at political rallies in full uniform and his open disdain for the Safe Act in New York and being taken to court by many groups over his policies.

At least we will have the opportunity to elect a congress person who will be an advocate for Western New York as soon as Collins is removed from office in 2019!

Mark A. Muchowski

Orchard Park

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