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Letter: Dems should take care when making wishes

What will be the priority of House Democrats? It was interesting to see the similarities in a few post-election commentaries in The Buffalo News. The nasty tone of the 2018 campaign carried over into columns by Al Hunt and Eugene Robinson.

Looking ahead to the 116th Congress, Hunt advises the Democrats to “watch their step” during their control of the House of Representatives. He then offers strategies that the Democrats might consider about “investigations,” “emoluments,” “Khashoggi,” “Russian money.”

Similarly, Robinson’s theme included “subpoenas,” “obfuscation,” and “cozy relationships with Deutsch Bank.” The message is clear; Democrats should focus on doing what is necessary to impeach President Donald Trump. Perhaps most striking about the two commentaries is that not a single sentence mentions House Democrat responsibilities related to the economy.

Most analysts would agree that the economy is robust. Unemployment is at its lowest point in decades; unemployment rates among African-Americans and Hispanics are at historic lows; manufacturing jobs are increasing at a rate not seen in years; there are multiple job opportunities for virtually anyone seeking employment; consumer and business optimism are strong.

Partisans will argue about the proper allocation of credit to President Barack Obama and President Trump for this remarkable economy. Their opinions won’t change.

But while Hunt and Robinson relish strategies to impeach Trump, the Democrats would be wise to devote their energies to issues that affect the everyday lives of their constituents. It will be a hollow victory for Democrats if they succeed in impeaching Trump but fail to sustain the favorable trends in key economic indicators.

Robinson says that proceedings against President Trump “will be fun to watch.” Democrats may want to temper the commentators’ single-minded approach by considering an old adage: “While seeking revenge, dig two graves.”

Patrick Heraty


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