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Letter: Companies should repay debts to the community

As I sat and read the article I couldn’t help but think of all the plants that closed in our area. Many of these companies have gotten government grants or tax relief.

It always seems like government is quick with assistance weather its from industrial development agencies or other sources. Many of these assisted companies bail out of these communities without living up to there promises.

I believe that when one of these companies that has taken government money and then wants to close down and move their operations they should forfeit their buildings and equipment. Then offer all the employee’s a chance to continue working with the help of some financial assistance, to be paid back over time.

If you can give out corporate welfare, why can’t you give out help to those who want to continue working and paying taxes to the community?

Every time jobs are wiped out, that money stops circulating in that community and then more jobs would be lost. Let’s change things and invest in the people who made these companies successful.

Giuseppe Spagnolo

Niagara Falls

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