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Letter: Trump’s policies are not so great for the masses

In response to the Nov. 11 letter, “Evangelicals forgive Trump because of his great policies,” I would like to point out that not all white evangelicals voted for Trump and also many evangelicals of color.

While the writer puts policy over character, I put character over policy. While we are not to cast stones because we are all sinners, we have to make judgements when we are picking our leaders. If one were careful to check out Trump’s life, he has done so many, many deals and made decisions that were dishonest and fraudulent. Just one example is Trump University. He went bankrupt at least four times which left many people who worked for him with much less than promised. And why will he not show us his tax returns?

I see the “great policies” that the writer values as possibly pharisaical. They were all about “the rule of law.” Jesus was about the “spirit of the law.” Jesus also was about compassion, feeding the hungry and welcoming the stranger (immigrant). Trump has used immigration to scare people. The people we need to fear are mostly white American-born males who are white nationalists and supremacists. However, Trump never mentions them in a negative way. Growing up in an evangelical family, I learned from a young age the values of

, faith, love and compassion.

My Christian commitment and values would not allow me to vote for this man.

Grace Markello


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