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Letter: Stop attacking Obama, while defending Trump

A Nov. 12 letter writer stated that Michelle Obama started what the headline called the “national lack of civility” in the country by saying “when they go low, we go high.” His further argument is that President Donald Trump has been calling for peaceful times and healing among United States citizens.

Explain how when a first lady says “when they take the low road, we will take the high road,” words we should all live by, is denounced by the letter writer as being the real culprit in this charade. Yet the writer praises a president of the United States who said on national news about a Nazi mob in South Carolina, “there’s good people” in that group.

The writer defends a man who bought the Miss America Pageant so he could walk through the dressing rooms and see them undress and let’s not forget “it’s ok” to grab them by the genitals because he’s a star.

His presidency is defined by his ability to drive a wedge between rich, white America and the rest of us. The common denominators of working-class Trump supporters is racism, nationalism “the real one” and build the wall. Tunnel-vision supporters will never listen to reason.

This president is a liar who attacks our sacred institutions like voting rights, the intelligence community and veterans. Yes, veterans, like the World War I Marines who gave all in France. The president refused to visit their graves on Veterans Day because it was raining. Really, this is the man the writer defends?

Dennis Hanavan


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