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Letter: Neighborhood schools will not solve bus woes

The writer in a recent letter suggested the Buffalo Public Schools should “go back” to neighborhood schools, since there is a shortage of school bus drivers.

There is little realistic potential for that in numerous Eastside neighborhoods. Many schools have been closed, some repurposed and there are additional hindering elements.

For instance, a few years ago, a principal of a Fruit Belt grammar school said only 20 percent of the student population was from the Fruit Belt. Two contributing factors are the city’s demolition erasure of many Fruit Belt houses in past decades – resulting in a substantial loss of residents – and there is a large number of older adults with longevity in the area.

Perhaps an incentive for attracting more bus drivers would be an increase in bus aides, which would signal hirees would only deal with possible road disturbances, not student distractions.

Katherine Massey


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