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Letter: It’s hard to picture a world without Sears

Say it isn’t so! Sears is actually going down the tubes, they say. The slow demise of this great American icon saddens me to no end.

At one time Sears was the biggest retailer in the United States, a forerunner of Amazon. Now that title belongs to Walmart.

Sears’ introduction to mail-order buying became a huge success and a new way of shopping. Generations grew up on Sears. There was a time when you could purchase any item at Sears. If the store did not carry it, no problem: Sears would get it for you.

Our family has had a connection with the Sears store on Main Street going back in time to the 1960s. I am widowed twice and the mother of four daughters by my first husband, John. To say that he had a love affair with Sears’ tools and machinery is putting it mildly. Our basement was a testament to the tools he purchased. John by trade was an engineer but his love was working with wood. Our beautiful kitchen shows his workmanship and could stand up to any modern kitchen today.

Two or three evenings a week after supper John would take one of the girls with him and off to Sears they would go, heading straight to the tool and machinery department. The clerks all knew him by name and many times he was mistaken for a clerk. In fact, he was offered a job but declined.

So, how could this happen to a giant in retailing? What went wrong? How sad.

By the way, John’s funeral procession passed by the Sears store as a last goodbye.

Linda Piazza LaSpisa-Maggio


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