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CDC: Do not eat any romaine lettuce, period

The Centers for Disease Control are warning consumers not to eat any romaine lettuce of any kind, and to stay away from any lettuce if they cannot be sure what kind it is or where it came from.

Customers should throw away any romaine lettuce they have, and should not order it in restaurants or buy it in stores. They should avoid every kind of romaine, whether it's whole, chopped, organic or part of a bagged salad mix, the CDC said.

The lettuce is tied to an E. coli outbreak that has sickened 32 people in 11 states. The associated E. coli strain is being described as particularly dangerous and has left 13 people hospitalized, one with kidney failure. Another 18 people were reported sickened by the same strain in Canada. No deaths have been reported.

The outbreak goes back to October, when people ages 7 to 84 began reporting illnesses.  The investigation is ongoing.

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