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Letter: Voters missed the mark in reelecting Collins

Lo and behold, the Invisible Man aka Chris Collins, has miraculously reappeared immediately after claiming victory in the 27th district congressional race. He’s even appeared on local TV interviews smugly proclaiming that he will continue to serve the residents of the 27th district despite his legal problems.

During this past election cycle, Collins refused to participate in debates and even went so far as standing up a bunch of high school students who would have liked to hear what he may have had to say.

Then again, the “invisible” congressman has avoided holding town hall meetings throughout his tenure and arguably has done nothing for his district. And yet, he won reelection by a slim margin.

To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, there indeed seems to be a sucker born every minute. Why else would 120,000 or so voters choose such a disgraced and indicted do-nothing over a new and promising candidate who might actually listen to them?

Those folks clearly put party before their own better interests and should be ashamed of themselves. And what of the “Invisible Man” Chris Collins?

Daniel Glowacki


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