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Letter: McMurray lost due to his nastiness toward Trump

The News missed the mark about why Nathan McMurray lost the election.

He didn’t lose because of what he didn’t do but because of what he did do. This candidate had the audacity to belittle and name call the elected president of the United States.

The reason people voted for Chris Collins regardless of his situation, is his support for the president. The president is popular because of the economy, job situation and especially his stand against illegal aliens.

McMurray must learn if his candidate wins, support him. If his candidate loses support him as your own and change things at reelection time. If people only support the guy they vote for we will have a huge amount of population bickering for three long years.

The only way to keep America great is to support the elected president whether he is your choice or not. I believe the words for Nathan McMurray is “sour grapes.”

Daniel Kashuba


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