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Letter: Evangelicals’ judgment should extend to Trump

A letter appeared in The News that tries to explain evangelical support for President Trump with the axiom “Who is without sin, cast the first stone.” No rational person would argue with this point.

However, evangelicals assume that their beliefs are the only correct interpretation of reality and everyone else needs salvation; believers are expected to evangelize and serve witness in the hope that they can “save” the sinner from eternal damnation. By its nature, evangelicalism passes judgment on the moral behavior and beliefs of others.

For such a small minority of Christians to believe they should impose their definition of morality and law on everyone else, despite the vast majority of Americans supporting abortion rights and the biblical calling to shelter and protect immigrants, seems both un-American and certainly un-Christian.

The minority views of evangelicals led to the disastrous 1920 passage of prohibition and the 1956 imposition of “In god we trust” on our currency and “One nation under god” in our pledge of allegiance. Jefferson emphatically stressed the separation of church and state when defining the First Amendment. Arguing that radical American evangelicals support the Constitution is simply not tenable.

The writer’s explanation of evangelical support for Trump serves to clarify how they rationalize it, but the letter’s conclusion “These reasons outweigh the sins of an adulterer and bully” doesn’t. Such words serve only to highlight how warped their arguments are, in terms of both democratic and Christian values. Evangelicals emphatically judge individuals, why not Donald Trump?

Michael E. Parks


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