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Letter: Democrats show no interest in working for the people

Imagine the possibilities! Let’s assume for a moment that the Democrats in concert with the Republicans were able to identify several areas of mutual concern … national interests of major significance, domestic or international that, if jointly addressed, would yield exceptional benefit to our nation.

America, both internally and internationally faces a mixed bag of critical problems. Take your choice, there are hundreds of issues. There is no denying the fact that a deep partisan divide exists but there are also significant questions about the substance of the alleged factors which contribute to that division.

The real question is this, “Do the Democrats truly desire to contribute?” If so, there are many issues which are worthy of their consideration and participation. However, I see no evidence of collegiality on the part of the Democrats. Can the president be wrong on every issue, domestic and foreign? Studying his achievements, I doubt it.

Look, there is much to be accomplished. Why should the Democrats remain on the sidelines? They’re elected as are their Republican counterparts to serve the citizenry of this nation; not to bring down a president.

To stand and criticize what, in many cases, are solid outcomes to some of our problems is silly. They speak of impeachment … more nonsense. On what grounds?

The Democrats were touting “impeachment” before Donald Trump was even elected. Such a posture is overtly suspect, wasting time, money and manpower and leaves one to believe that their lack of participation is designed to serve their party’s interests, rather than those of the American people.

Nicholas Mecca


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