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Letter: Current political tone is bad for the nation

Lying, deception and inveighing are all progressive diseases which if allowed to fester will eventually infect us all. We live in a dishonest society where a person or persons can personally or collectively profit from a position of authority are more concerned with individual avarice than in doing the right thing. It’s this flagrant penchant for greed and corruption that is preventing us from moving forward.

Our elected officials (especially the president) need to convey a feeling that they are serving their electors in a truthful fashion, to set a positive tone so to speak. Continued toxic dialogue and contemptuous invective is not in our best interests and insults all of us, not just those persons or ideals the vitriol is aimed at.

The last lines of Langston Hughes’ poem “Let America Be America” puts the burden on the American people to redeem and enforce the qualities that we are known for throughout the world. The slogan “Make America Great Again” isn’t working. It is time for a change if we’re truly destined to be great again and it is up to us to see that it is done.

Scott Patterson


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