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Letter: Tops workers squeezed by pension reductions

In response to the upset Tops workers over reduced pensions.

Welcome to America, I struggle to write anymore, because of its uselessness. Writing, voting, protesting, what do they achieve now?

Money buys everything. Tops’ attorneys, and upper management, I hope they sleep well at night, leaving people with nothing but crumbs.

For the most part there are two classes today, the haves and have-nots. The haves control the politicians, police and military. The have-nots are left with the “charity” of the wealthy, all in search of tax benefits, and to stroke their egos.

We are destroying and not supporting our senior class, the disabled and veterans. These people have been squeezed for pennies, denied health care, and left to starve. While corporate executives rape us for millions of dollars a year.

Our veterans all believed they were fighting for all of our freedom. Unfortunately, those freedoms are dwindling, and freedom has always carried two different values for the wealthy and the poor.

We are not a happy people in this country. Watch the news. Remember the Fall of Rome; we will go much, much quicker.

Brad Rydzik


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