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Letter: Our former first lady is not inciting chaos

A recent writer to this column accused Michelle Obama with inciting incivility by quoting her statement: “When they go low, we go high.” His interpretation is totally inaccurate, and he uses her statement to criticize her. It is this type of ideology which leads to the division and hatred we now witness in our country.

The chief culprit here is Donald Trump who when campaigning taught us to hate Mexicans, Muslims, veterans, women, etc. His lies have created the type of negative discourse and encourages neo-Nazis, KKK and other hate groups to be violent towards these groups. The FBI has reported a significant increase in hate crimes in the past three years.

Of course, Trump will blame the liberals, Democrats and others. He is a coward and takes no responsibility for what he says. If you disagree with him, he insults, calls you names and fires you from the White House news briefings (CNN’s Jim Acosta), if you ask him sensitive questions.

Are all Americans better off since he took office? His racist, hateful attitude towards minorities has divided our country and has emboldened the hate groups to commit acts of violence. Who has created and encouraged this? Certainly not Mrs. Obama.

Joseph W. Strychasz


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