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Letter: Line up the facts in a chart, and let the voters decide

As an avid consumer of political news from multiple sources, I completely agree with Margaret Sullivan’s recent column. She said that too many journalists allow Donald Trump to lead them around by the nose.

Cable news shows endlessly discuss Trump’s latest tweet, soundbite, or distraction and therefore perpetuate any untruths therein without any firm and consistent rebuttal.

Trump has said that the Democrats want open borders. That is not true. Does anyone know where the Democrats really stand on immigration? It is so disheartening to hear people on the street being interviewed say the Democrats have no plan for a particular issue. Trump so effectively dominates and controls the news cycles that he squeezes out any other important balancing information from the other side.

With the 2020 elections looming I believe that the cable news stations have a responsibility to inform us of the position of each party on each issue. Sometimes there are too many talking heads who discuss strategies, personalities, numbers and outrages. There is plenty of time for that.

Television is a visual medium. We need to

the factual, side by side comparisons of each

. Write it down. Use clear and simple charts. Use bullet points. Use uncluttered lists. Use short and well researched news stories presenting past, present and plans for future information in an even-handed way, one issue at a time. Repeat and repeat. Revise when necessary. The hosts and their guests can discuss the details but keep the charts in full view.

Help us all understand each issue and what each party stands for so we have a clear choice for the next election. Make it clear, simple and visual. Margaret Sullivan just might approve.

Jane Roberts


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