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Letter: Let’s return the nation to its founding principles

In this time when many politicians and leaders are promoting division and fear as they campaign and serve in office, I wanted to give an example of how much better it is when Americans work together rather than against each other. When Americans strive to help each other regardless of race, creed, gender or ethnicity, rather than name call and demean, good things happen.

In June, I had an accident on the I-290. Thanks to five or six good Samaritans, who worked together to stop traffic and assist me, only my car and the guard rail were injured. I am so grateful to them for saving my life and preventing injury to anyone else. They were able to do this because they worked together without regard for anyone’s background. It would be wonderful if we, as Americans at all levels, could work together in this same way on a day-to-day basis and in everyday situations.

America was founded on the premise that all are created equal and are entitled to certain inalienable rights. We used to tout ourselves as the melting pot of the world.

The Statue of Liberty welcomes the “tired and poor.” We seemed to be turning into a country where those rights and that welcoming are only for the privileged. The melting pot is boiling over with hatred and intolerance. We are threatening to shoot the tired and poor. Let’s get back to our nation’s founding principles.

Margo Covell


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