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Letter: Finally, a president taking on immigration

The approaching migrant caravans serve as a wake-up call to modern progressives on two fronts.

Initially, they represent a clear sign of the folly of the modern socialist movement. As migrants flee its ravages, they represent the clearest example of voting with your feet we will ever see.

Those liberals in this country who have climbed aboard the redistributionist express should stop and talk to them when they pass each other going in opposite directions. They might get a much-needed education.

Maybe more importantly, the caravans provide a stark example of what those on the border have long labeled a national emergency, even a war. Those of us safely ensconced almost two thousand miles away who heretofore have been able to fight this battle via the virtue-signal lawn sign must now pay attention.

We have a president now who is willing to acknowledge the issue, and fight for and implement his ideas on how to handle it. But he is called cruel, racist, nationalist and worse for having the temerity to face the obvious.

Those protesting his efforts must confront, and be confronted with, the hard realities of what they advocate. How many can the United States take? Give a number. Will accepting this caravan lead to other caravans? Yes or no? Is this nation morally required to accept all asylum seekers? Are we ever allowed to say, even temporarily, “no more?”

Instead progressives posture sanctimoniously and race to show they’re compassionate. But the time for empty pablum-laden phrases like “we are a welcoming country” and “hate has no home here” is ending. Hard choices will soon have to be made.

The tragic results of both socialist economic policies and sanctuary city mentalities approaches slowly but surely on determined foot. To the advocates of both, a question: what should we do?

Gary Brignone


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