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Letter: Election wins by women are worth celebrating

What an amazing month it has been for women in this great country of ours!

Outstanding women of integrity have not only run for so many elected offices across the country, but have won so many of their races.

Women have won local town board elections. Women have won state office seats. And women have won U.S. Senate and congressional seats. And everything in between.

There were single women, married, gay, Native American, Muslim, veterans, red states, blue states and purple states. They have won these seats with hard work, determination, dignity and most importantly morals and ethical behavior. An election that will be remembered.

What is on the other side of the spectrum that is not talked about enough are two prominent women.

One, a model who sits next to the president and smiles gracefully while going along with his unacceptable treatment of women. If memory serves me correct her focus upon entering the White House was bullying and how to eradicate it. There has been very little success on that front from her closest partner. It would be helpful if she chose another focus.

The second woman is supposedly a woman who has a strong religious upbringing and stands behind a podium on a somewhat routine basis and contorts the truth to fit any situation that her boss, the president, wants her to explain.

I would suggest that we, as women, not only emulate the behavior of the first category, but encourage all young women to do the same.

Ann Converso


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