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Letter: Collins ventured out long enough to campaign

After two months of campaigning underground for the 27th District, Chris Collins showed his face in public.

The only time Collins was spotted prior to this interview on Channel 7 was by news cameras emerging from the federal courthouse in Manhattan surrounded by lawyers after being charged in a felony hearing for insider trading.

Of course, his self-imposed isolation is not unusual for this arrogant congressman.

During his previous term he was seen about as often as Whitey Bulger. One of his last political sightings was when he was caught calling his relatives on his cellphone from the White House lawn. Immediately after this call to his son, his son unloaded over a half million of his soon-to-be worthless Innate stock.

Now back to the newly elected congressman in hiding.

He has been shunned by fellow Republicans. Speaker Paul Ryan said he violated the public trust with his insider trader scheme and immediately stripped him from all legislative committees. Poor Chris has been shunned and ignored by most Republicans during the whole election process. No public congratulations from any of his political friends only from his lawyers who seemingly advised, stay out of sight and lay low.

Finally, his victory speech at his Channel 7 interview. Did he congratulate Nate McMurray on his unsuccessful run and wish him well? Ah no, he referred to his opponent as a moron. Then the humble congressman bragged of his campaign strategy and how hiding out and avoiding everyone but his lawyers was a winning strategy.

I’m sure we will see the congressman in court over the next year-and-a-half but that will probably be the extent of his representation for the people of the 27th. A sad story and a sad outcome.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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