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Letter: Are the migrants coming to cheat on their taxes?

You can be sure that President Trump, as he did prior to the midterm elections, will continue to stoke racial animosities and fear by making the completely erroneous and unfounded assertion that the migrant caravan inching its way toward our southern border from Central America is composed largely of Middle Easterners hostile to our American way of life, along with other evil-doers and persons of low moral and ethical character.

The left will continue to strike a more cordial chord, insisting that we are not under the threat of attack and that the migrants making their way to our southern border are merely fleeing the violence and strife of their home countries and, as generations of immigrants before them, are coming here in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

Personally, I believe these immigrants have a much more sinister motive than even the one being espoused by President Trump. Right now, due to the fiscal recklessness of Trump and the Republican Party, this country is being confronted with runaway budget deficits and debt that will inflict unimaginable hardships on our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

My belief is that, in order to exact maximum harm on the United States, the migrants who will soon be massing at our southern border are coming here for one reason – to cheat on their taxes.

Due to the shortsightedness and selfishness of today’s presidential and congressional leadership, and their nonchalance about saddling future generations with crippling deficits and debt, I feel the last thing we need are more people coming to this country and robbing our treasury of the revenues we could be using to ease the burden on future generations. In my opinion, we already have enough tax cheats in this country. They go by the names of Kushner and Trump.

Steve Szpakowski


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