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Editorial: Reason for thanks and Richardson’s good news

For anyone who may occasionally forget how fortunate we are here in Western New York, we offer the following:

• No raging wildfires
• No earthquakes of note
• No hurricanes
• Great summers
• Spectacular autumns

There’s more but you get the idea. It’s something to keep in mind as Thanksgiving approaches.

It’s not that there aren’t challenges — Lake Ontario’s rising waters, largely related to climate change, pose serious risks, as do the occasional monster snowstorms — but these problems don’t compare to the existential threats other parts of the country are facing.

We’re glad that not everyone lives here, but we don’t know why they’re not.

Good news on the Richardson Olmsted Campus: Though only 19 months old, Hotel Henry is already looking at expanding.

The hotel opened after the deteriorating towers were rehabilitated, saving a grand Buffalo edifice designed by famed architect H.H. Richardson. It was no sure thing that the hotel would be a success, but that’s what has happened, opening the door to the possibility of a larger hotel that will preserve even more of the sprawling complex, most of it in poor condition. This is turning out to be one of the best redevelopment bets Buffalo has placed in many years.

It’s been déjà vû all over again in Florida this week as a close election and a poor voting system combine to confuse voters and undermine confidence in the outcome, whatever it turns out to be.

Both the race of governor and U.S. senator have hung in the balance since the Nov. 6 election.

At least there are no hanging chads this time — as there were in 2000 when Florida’s inability to function tarnished the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore — but it’s been 18 years. Shouldn’t this be fixed by now?

They’ve got a paperwork problem at the sheriff’s department in Marshall County, Ala. Someone there ordered $22,000 worth of toilet paper and $9,000 worth of trash bags.

That’s a big problem, the Associated Press reported, since the department’s entire budget for janitorial supplies for next year is only $15,000. Then, again, some employee has surely come down with a bad case of the runs.

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