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Letter: Trump continues to prove himself to be self-serving

What an upsetting news conference the president gave the day after the midterm elections.

His boastfulness was ramped up to its limit. If he said once, he said extensively how successful the Republicans were in the midterm election, to quote “incredibly successful.” Is losing a majority in the House of Representatives an incredible success? Evidently he thinks it is.

He gave himself credit for the winners and mocked the Republican losers because they did not seek his endorsements. He would not answer questions directed at the negative aspects of the election. In fact, he was the rudest I’ve seen him be in criticizing the CNN reporters. He can’t handle what he sees as insults to him but he hurls insults to many.

Trump gets emboldened whenever he has a chance to speak publicly and say whatever he wants, much of which are lies and nauseating remarks about his greatness. He wants to be king and won’t settle for less. I wish I wasn’t discouraged by my fellow Americans who voted Republican on Nov. 6, but I am.

How could they listen to him for another moment let alone two years?

Marguerite Battaglia


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