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Letter: Society must recognize these dangerous times

To ascertain the future, it behooves one to look to the past.

Our forefathers, refugees, escaped from poverty and the constricting environment that was Europe. They found a new land and an exceptional idea: a democratic society.

Slowly with great effort, they forged not a perfect society but one where people could breathe free and have a voice in their own future. And so it went for 230 years, not without a lot of growing pains, but above all, the ideals that they started with: a free and welcoming society, a place of opportunity, genuine brotherhood and a willingness to sit down and work out common problems, have been intact.

Occasionally, a beautiful apple when opened is rotting from the inside. Sad to say, I believe it is an accurate metaphor for our American society as it exists today. Empires have within them the seeds of their own destruction.

Beginning hundreds of years before Christ, great empires have fallen not because of outside attack but essentially because they became lazy about nourishing their own ideals. The symptoms of the disease which killed them are observable today. Cracks are showing in the very foundation of our great democratic experiment.

Demagogues fueled with huge amounts of money are hypnotizing the little guys into believing that all is well and getting better. Kid yourself not, my brothers and sisters, the fat cats are getting fatter on the backs of the rest of us, and the sad part of it is that a significant and important segment of our population is cheering them on, looking forward to the next cut in social services. Oops, there goes Social Security, whoops Medicare, etc.

We are gradually being overcome like a frog sitting in a pot of water not realizing that the water is getting hotter until it is too late. I fear it is too late.

Joseph Spina


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