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Letter: Church can survive this crisis if everyone works together

Although the Catholic faith’s image is the worst I’ve seen it during my 84 years of life, I feel it will survive if we continue to work at it. The number of offenses are large, but the percentage is small.

However, even one child sexually abused is totally unacceptable! Because of this situation the innocent clergy are victimized. With the continual enforcement of the present plan to immediately report these cases to civil authorities, rather than supposedly handle them internally.

Allowing priests to marry could be quickly enacted as the chastity decree is a church law, not a dogma. The transition should be fairly easy because married men are now allowed to be deacons.

The seminarians should be further scrutinized for inappropriate candidates with a clandestine future agenda.

We must concentrate on solving the sins of man rather than abandon the church.

The church, in turn should keep us regularly informed as to their plans and the ongoing progress. It would be a good idea to have someone in every parish to have their responsibility.

Keep the faith!

Francis J. Cupolo


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