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Letter: Anti-Collins letters ignore innocence until proven guilty

On Nov. 8, two letters expressed different reasons of why Chris Collins should not have been elected.

One letter was worried about the message to children and grandchildren, the other listing the charges that have been brought against Collins being reasons that Collins was undeserving of winning (pending a possible recount). This letter included a rant that made it obvious that the writer held his position for the same reason he accused Collins voters of, party loyalty.

Residing in the 26th district, I have no dog in this fight. Regarding the “message” to our children/grandchildren, the legal system in this country abides by the premise of “innocent until proven guilty,” thus Collins had a perfect right to remain on the ballot and take office if then elected.

The fact that he will later be proven innocent or guilty will then determine his fate (as a congressman), based on the laws in place.

This is what I know my children believe and will in turn teach my grandchildren.

Michael T. Hortman, Sr.

Town of Tonawanda

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