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A WBEN reporter was trapped in an elevator at Democratic HQ. He kept working.

Reporters have to put up with a lot on election night: Testy candidates. Bad weather. Editors who order the wrong toppings on the newsroom pizza.

But Mike Baggerman's Election Night ordeal might top them all: He was stuck in an elevator at Democratic headquarters at the Larkin Center of Commerce, and live-tweeted his situation instead of keeping tabs on election results.

Baggerman's bad luck created a bit of a stir on Twitter, where local commentators and pols chimed in with tips and observations. In response to the reporter's request for a county-issued crowbar, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz responded with a terse "ok."

WBEN News Director Tim Wenger, tongue firmly in cheek, suggested the snafu might be a Democratic conspiracy.

Scroll through Baggerman's election night adventure here:

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