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Psychedelic indie-rocker Segall performs masterful acoustic show in Iron Works

Buffalo Iron Works became a music-lovers’ hedonistic haven on Sunday evening as psychedelic indie rocker Ty Segall stopped by, drawing a spirited crowd of incorrigible canonizers.

Wielding only a glass of blood-red wine, a fluttering falsetto voice, an acoustic guitar and an awe-inspiring ability to play it, Segall’s solo set was masterful musical minimalism. The bare-bones performance — packed with gradually building, graceful-to-thrashing guitar melodies — put the prolific 31-year-old musician’s outstanding abilities on front-and-center display.

With silky, shoulder-length blond hair, a free-spirited contempt for all things overly uptight, and a warm, hazy, psychedelic signature West Coast rock sound, it feels near-needless to note Segall hails from California.

Ty Segall crafted a passionate concert at Buffalo Iron Works. (Photo by Dan Almasi)

Ear-ringing in an oddly pleasant way, Segall’s tinny vocals ranged from high-pitched fervors to scratchy squeals to faux-gravelly gags.  

An infinitely likable character, Segall balanced his performance with the humility to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of several songs mid-singing with the talent and confidence to pull off an unequivocally killer solo set.

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His lyrics could best be characterized as calculated mindlessness. Oft-politically motivated — but typically only half-serious — the underlying messages within each strident song came off as exhausted, discontented spats at tiresomely endless social and political dysfunction. The vocalized element of other offerings served as no more than abstract verbal expression, as Segall briefly ventured into spoken word once or twice.

With a couple of early works mixed in, Segall focused on recent features from his four 2018 albums and 2017’s self-titled release. Late-set plays including “My Lady’s On Fire” and ideal closer “And, Goodnight” — both from “Freedom Goblin,” released earlier this year — sent a satisfied, indulged crowd into the night.

Most notably and applause-inducingly, Segall promised to return to Buffalo—this being his first stop here since 2012—with his band.    


Ty Segall, Nov. 4 at Buffalo Iron Works

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