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Letters: The UB football Bulls are doing Buffalo proud

With so much anger, nastiness and somber news in the air, here’s a refreshing story: University at Buffalo football! Coming off their latest big win against Miami University to move to 8-1, it’s clear that this is a special team that is doing Buffalo proud. In fact, UB athletics is on quite a roll, with both the mens and women’s basketball teams going to this year’s March Madness, along with the Bonnies, and with the UB women advancing to the Sweet 16.

It’s clear that this is primarily a Bills town, and the Bills, Sabres and Bisons are definitely family to me. But I can honestly say that my wife and I have been diehard UB sports fans for many years through thick and thin, and are not just jumping on the bandwagon this year.

When we’re not at the football games we’ve dutifully listened to thems on the radio, and we love the stellar broadcasting pair of Paul Peck and Scott Wilson. And it’s been an added pleasure this year seeing more than the usual number of Bulls games on TV. Sure is fun to back a winner.

So c’mon everyone, jump on board and show your enthusiasm and support for our Bulls, and for the Buffalo Beauts, who also do our town proud with their consistent excellence. And let’s pull for all of our teams, the Bandits too. While they are just sports teams and are not what really matters in life, they serve a valuable purpose in providing a welcome diversion from the stresses and challenges which we face.

Michael Scully


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