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Letter: News gave short shrift to candidate El-Behairy

The rationale advanced by the editors to support Sen. Chris Jacobs over Carima El-Behairy is specious at best. It is just using fear tactics to say that downstate interests will drown out upstate concerns if Democrats take control of the state Senate.

Moreover, in all likelihood Democrats are poised to do so anyway from projected pickups in races on Long Island. Therefore, if the fear tactic had any weight, it would greatly protect our interest in Erie County to have Carima El-Behairy in the projected Senate majority that controls the agenda, rather than Chris Jacobs in the minority.

As for Jacobs’ record in the Senate, he has sided with the current majority to help kill progressive bills on women’s reproductive rights, bringing early voting to New York, and ending the LLC loophole in campaign bribery. He has just done these things behind the scenes in secret and pretends in public he had nothing to do with it.

Also, having him in the Senate has allowed the majority to create gerrymandered districts to put Republicans in Congress that have allowed the Trump administration to act without effective oversight. For example, the 27th Congressional District was created by Jacobs and the Republicans to give Republicans a “safe” district. Does anyone doubt that if the district was properly drawn, a person under federal indictment like Chris Collins wouldn’t have a chance against an excellent public servant like Nate McMurray?

George M. Hauss

Grand Island

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