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Letter: News endorsement erred by not backing Seamans

I am incredibly disappointed that the Buffalo News failed to endorse Democrat Joan Elizabeth Seamans for state Senate. She is campaigning on closing the LLC loophole. She is opposed to corruption and against the flow of Western New York dollars downstate.

Health care is the number one issue nationally. With Congress’ failure to enact bipartisan legislation regarding health care, the role of New York State is critical. Obamacare is currently being challenged in federal court. As a lawyer, I know the individual mandate is being challenged. It was upheld as a tax and Congress has repealed the penalty for not having health insurance. Specially at risk are protections for pre-existing conditions.

Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer took no leadership role on a bill purposing the establishment of comprehensive universal single-payer health care. I am dismayed The News did not consider this issue when deciding who to endorse.

Helaine Sanders

East Amherst

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