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Sean McDermott: Offense is 'clearly not good enough'

Q: Sean, at what point can you get anything to work with this offense? What’s it going to
take? You have two touchdowns in five games. You can’t win with that.

A: Yeah, it’s clearly not good enough. I thought the defense came out and played well at times. Offensively, we shot ourselves a little bit in the foot there at times and just couldn’t get it going enough. We had some first downs but couldn’t get it going enough, in particular when we started to get it going to your question. We’ve got to continue going back and find answers, find solutions.

Q: What’s been the biggest struggle for LeSean [McCoy]? You don’t seem to be able to get
him in particular going? It almost seems like Chris [Ivory] is the better fit right now
because of his running style.

A: I thought Chris ran the ball hard. He ran the ball hard and hit it, you know, on some of those runs; he was decisive. We just have to see and make sure we give LeSean opportunities. I have to go back and look at the tape, but you’re right. We couldn’t get him going.

Q: Coach, what was it about third down defense, specifically, that went so well for your
defense tonight?

A: Yeah, I thought they were five for 14 or something around that. I just thought that Leslie [Frazier] had a good game plan and the guys executed, guys played hard. Give them [Patriots] credit, they won the game. They’re a good offense. So, we go back and learn from this tape and move forward, get ready for the Bears.

Q: Sean, are you wasting a great defense?

A: I feel like we’re developing a football team. [We’ve] got some young guys on both sides of the ball and on special teams. Unfortunately, we lost Tremaine [Edmunds] there at half and Julian Stanford came in and did a nice job for us, which was good to see.

Q: Is it concussion protocol for Edmunds?

A: Yes.

Q: What happened to Derek [Anderson] at the end of the game?

A: Yeah, he’s being evaluated right now. I haven’t caught up with the trainers yet.

Q: How concerned are you with the short week and the injuries?

A: Yeah, it’s a challenge for every team that plays on Monday night, especially when you come out banged up. It’s important we learn from the tape [and] turn around and have a good week of preparation. It’ll be nice to play at home again. I appreciate the way the fans supported us tonight.

Q: Coach, Zay [Jones] has been kind of coming on here in the past few weeks. Just [talk
about] the growth that you’ve seen from him and do you see him being a bigger part of the offense?

A: Yeah, I mean he’s working hard. At times, they played some man coverage, which you saw. He was able to get some separation and Derek got him the ball. [I] love how he practices; the way he plays is how he practices. He practices hard and he plays hard.

Q: Sean, in your time in the NFL, can you recall an offense that struggled more than this
one? I know you had good quarterbacks in Carolina and Philadelphia there for a while, but is there anything you can compare this to, he way you’ve struggled?

A: Yeah, I’ll stay out of the comparison business overall. We’ve got to come out and establish the line of scrimmage early on in the football game. I thought we did some of that early with the different types of runs we were using early. They made some adjustments and we weren’t able to sustain it, really, the rest of the game.

Q: In respect to [Stephen] Hauschka, [it was] a big milestone tonight and he got you some

A: Yeah, he’s big for us. Everything from the way he approaches his preparation during the week and that, I think, affects the young players and the way they see him from a veteran leader standpoint; the way he prepares and gets the results on the field because of it.

Q: Coach, what did you think of Derek Anderson’s game?

A: It obviously wasn’t good enough. We weren’t able to move the ball enough offensively and the quarterback plays a big part in that. I thought he made some good throws and there were some throws he’d like to have back.

Q: What is that a function of, the familiarity with the offense or is it at this point
recognizing or not recognizing what he sees from a defensive standpoint in front of him?
Is it execution? Can you put your finger on what you think is holding him back?

A: I just think overall, a lot of what you said; all of the above. That’s what typically holds people back: being able to establish the run game and then the play action off of that and then making sure you’re in third down manageable situations, guys making plays on the ball. I’d say all of that.

Q: Why has first down been such a problem? It seems like you’re never in a good first
down position. What is going on with first down?

A: Really, early down success, we haven’t been able to have that. We talk about it, we practice it and [we] just haven’t been able to get it going.

Q: Sean, you’ve discussed controlling the line of scrimmage for weeks now, specifically
on the offensive side of the ball. Now that you’re halfway through the season, is now really
evaluating time and if you do need to make changes since you’re this far through the

A: We’re going to continue to evaluate personnel, and we do that every week. We’re going to continue to do that as we move forward here.

Q: What was it like in the tunnel seeing all of those Hall of Famers? Aside from the game,
what was that like?

A: Yeah, congratulations to Thurman [Thomas] and [it was] a neat environment [and] really, really special. We were able to get back out there after half there for a minute or two to see some of it. To see all of the support, the fans, it was a really special moment and I was glad to be a part of it.



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