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Meet the woman who dressed up as The Old Pink and won Buffalo's Halloween

What do fluorescent green flames, a dark purple background, a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, black and white checkered print and a pink flamingo bring to mind?

If you've spent a night on Allen Street, you immediately know we're talking about Allentown's darling dive bar, The Old Pink.

For Halloween, Dana Louise Silvestri embodied The Pink. On Saturday night, with her handmade costume – a hand-sewn dark purple dress with painstakingly drawn-on and painted electric green flames – Silvestri went to The Pink as The Pink, and the crowd went wild.

Silvestri spent the night at The Pink, where fellow patrons loved the costume and workers didn't really bat their eyelashes.

"Nobody that actually worked at The Pink cared," Silvestri said.

The reaction from fellow patrons, given Buffalo's relationship with The Pink, was unsurprising. Her original tweet garnered dozens of retweets and hundreds of likes by Monday night. Her Instagram post has nearly 900 likes and almost 100 comments.

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One Twitter user, @fouryearbrett wrote, "This is by far the best and most Buffalo Halloween costume/outfit I have ever seen."

@ChristinaEStock, wrote, "This is unbelievably awesome... I have no words. 🙌."

In an age where Halloween costume inspiration is almost always picked from somewhere off the internet, like Pinterest or stolen from viral tweets, it's increasingly rare to find an original costume.

Silvestri chose to make her costume for the first time.

"I started working on this for last year’s Halloween and did not finish it in time," Silvestri said. "So it’s been like a year in the making."

Why The Pink?

"I’m always there, my friends are always there," Silvestri said. "It was a creative thing to do."

While at The Pink, everyone understood her costume, though she feared no one would.

"Everybody was like, 'You are The Pink at The Pink!'" Silvestri said.

Across the street at Allen Street Poutine, the effect wore off.

"I was in Allen Street Poutine, which is right across from The Pink, and two people were like, 'What are you?' I'm like, 'I'm literally the bar across the street,'" Silvestri said.

All in all, the costume took about 14 hours to make. Silvestri had to buy the plain purple fabric, green paint and accessories. She then drew flames across about three yards of purple fabric and filled them in with three layers of paint to mimic the bar's iconic exterior.

The flames don't resemble clumsily drawn flames, they look professionally painted. It makes sense Silvestri attended school for graphic arts and makes her own clothes.

"I started making my own clothes when I realized it was a lot cheaper than buying them," Silvestri said. "It comes in handy for Halloween."

Perhaps the best part lies in the details. In the photos, she proudly holds and drinks a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Her purse is a flamingo, The Pink's official logo. Her shoes are scuffed black and white checkered print, the same as The Pink's floors.

As for the social media reaction, Silvestri was surprised.

"I was really surprised. I didn't get a lot of comments on Saturday night at first," Silvestri said. "People just keep retweeting it. I was really unsure if people were gonna get it or not."

Understand it, like it and retweet it they did.

Now, which local landmark is next?

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