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Letter: Voices of minorities missing in local media

Anyone who reads The News on a regular basis knows that in matters such as public education or civil rights the editorial page has a definite slant toward minorities, especially African-Americans. What I find strange is how this paper seems oblivious to the discrimination that exists in all of our local media.

Look at our three local channels. How many black faces do you see? I’ve seen many weather people and reporters come and go but they are all white. Is it so hard to find one black female who can do the weather as well as any of the countless white females we have now? It’s almost seems these stations go out of their way not to hire African-Americans.

Look at your own paper. On Sundays, when you have the pictures of business people being hired or promoted, where are the faces of minorities?

My favorite example is your daily article called “My View” in the editorial section. One white person after another, writing in to tell us all how wonderful their life has been. Doesn’t it make you wonder why black people can’t write about how great their life has been?

Edward J. Lawrence


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