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Letter: Trump’s lack of empathy is a harmful contagion

I once thought the most disturbing aspect of President Trump was his lack of empathy for others – a character flaw typical of sociopaths. But after two years of his presidency, I have come to believe that the most disturbing thing about Trump is the infectiousness of his lack of empathy. He praises a politician who body-slammed a reporter, and the audience laughs. He mocks a sexual assault survivor and women in the audience laugh. What have we become?

As I write this, authorities are still finding mail bombs intended for prominent Democrats and CNN, all of them Trump’s favorite scapegoats. Right wing pundits claim the bombs are a “false flag” operation to energize Democrats before the midterms. These, remember, are the same folks who claimed Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizza parlor and prompted someone to shoot up the place to save the kids. It is past time we asked ourselves not only what kind of nation we have become but also how we can climb out of this deepening pit.

Gary Earl Ross


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