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Letter: Medicare for All is the right approach

I read with great interest the Oct. 23 letter by the government affairs manager from HealthNow New York Inc., a parent company of BlueCross BlueShield.

The writer tells us all the evils of a single-payer health care system that we “cannot afford.” In 2012 HealthNow had revenues of $2.46 billion. Net income of $31.5 million not to mention the CEO and his six-figure salary as well as other top executives. If you add the other CEO salaries of “for profits,” it’s billions.

Isn’t it amazing that countries with a single-payer system do not have people marching in the streets demanding it be taken away?

Isn’t it a wonder that we as a nation can spend trillions on useless wars and defense, but expect our own people to “pay or die” or go bankrupt? How many fund raisers must we attend to help people in need in this current system?

Does the letter writer realize the biggest insurer of Americans is our government already? They spent in 2015, $980 billion, of which his company currently benefits.

Furthermore, if he believes a for profit system is so much better, let us look at Medicare Advantage which allows insurance companies to take a hefty profit from Medicare. Studies prove there is no difference in outcomes for seniors, yet we the taxpayer are paying more. Does this make sense?

We can do better, we must do better and Medicare for All is the way.

Diana Butsch, RN

West Falls

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