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When you cross elephants with local news anchors, it's unforgettable

With the Buffalo Zoo’s elephants marching to New Orleans, WGRZ anchor Scott Levin on Wednesday's 6 p.m. newscast reported on the party the zoo is throwing to say goodbye to Jothi and Surapa.

Zoo visitors on Saturday can sign a card for them. “Maybe they’ll read it, maybe they won’t,” Levin said.

Co-anchor Maryalice Demler quipped: “And they’re never going to forget us, because elephants never forget.”

Weather anchor Maria Genero exploded in laughter off camera as Demler continued, “So there, they really don’t need a card, when you think of it that way.”

Levin, picking up on the joke: “That’s right, they have great memories, right?”

Demler, going further: “I know, remember when they used to pick the winners when the Bills were in a playoff game?”

Levin: “Yeah, I do remember that.”

Demler, channeling her inner football analyst: “So I guess it’s OK to let them go, because it appears we won’t need their services for a while.”

Levin: “You’re right. Well, we’re going to transition from gray elephants to gray days.”

Genero, paying her respects: “You two are both too good tonight.”

Levin, agreeing: “We’re on fire.”

Burn on, Scott and Maryalice. Burn on.

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