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Letter: The U.S. must secure its borders from invasion

Isn’t it funny how the people who support illegal immigrants coming to the United States from Mexico and other South American countries say they are coming to escape terrible conditions in their countries? They say there is poverty, that women are being raped and that they are not safe.

Now, take a look at the many pictures of the latest “invasion” of our country. When I see these pictures I see about maybe 80 percent or even more men in that huge gang of people. Where are the women? Did they leave them back in their countries to be raped?

Look at the pictures. Not many seem under fed or wearing tattered clothes. Now, look at pictures of people from Africa and other European countries who are starving. They are skin and bones. They are not even given a chance to come here.

There are people who have to wait to come here. There are people who have been waiting years to become citizens of this country. It is getting scary when you think about how many thousands of people can assemble together and demand to be taken in our country. Who are these people? Do we know?

Did you lock your doors last night and every night before you went to sleep? Did you tuck your children into their beds and kiss them goodnight? For the heck of it, why don’t you leave your doors open tonight? I didn’t think so.

The United States is our home, we need to secure our borders just like we all secure our homes. President Donald Trump needs to stop these invasions. People need to come here legally, that’s the bottom line.

Karen Gall


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