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Letter: Research your doctorfor patient loyalty ‘index’

I received a letter from my primary care physician of many years, that I will no longer be included in his practice! I have several conditions, the worst involving my spine, which disallows walking without some assistance and I suffer with exorbitant pain.

I am a senior citizen living alone. He is letting me go because of three tests (three) which would require hospital visits, I cannot participate in, because of the walking involved. Two of the tests are female related but are not life threatening. Is this how we attend to our senior citizens in their golden years? In my opinion, the Hippocratic Oath should be renamed the Hypocrites Oath.

I must look for a new primary care doctor now, before my medications run out. I am still in shock. I have never heard of a doctor releasing a patient for such meaningless reasons.

Please be aware and continue due diligence in investigating a physician before you trust him or her. I did, but I was so wrong!

Sharon Rybak


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