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Letter: Liberal left has spurred some of the worst behavior

The recently completed Supreme Court confirmation process saw another in the increasingly common mob-like responses by hysterical leftists.

The harassment of conservatives continues in restaurants, government buildings, street corners, and residences. Trying not to be left behind the runaway progressive train, previously rational leaders like Hillary Clinton are now saying no to civility, and former Attorney General Eric Holder is saying “kick them.” Just days ago, Nancy Pelosi said those who don’t agree with their ideas will suffer “collateral damage.” The entire democratic/socialist establishment, devoid of ideas, has decided to try good old-fashioned bullying.

But bullying always follows a predictable path. Those targeted try to side-step confrontation, and instead try other methods. Ignoring. Walking away. Appeal to a higher authority. Negotiation. Hope. Appeasement.

When these are not successful, those targeted reluctantly accept their only course of action is to respond in kind. It is a course of events as old and predictable as time.

We are in the middle of this course now on a national level. Rational conservatives are reluctant to recognize that progressives are the bullies and will continue with their rhetoric and actions until they are stood up to and confronted. The targeted always eventually realize they have no choice but to defend themselves.

We can hope that reasonable liberal leaders will call off the dogs, and we can return to a place of intellectual discussion and collegial disagreement. But if not, the bully shouldn’t be surprised by the responding, and figurative in this circumstance, punch in the nose. But sadly, he always is.

Gary Brignone


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