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Letter: Lessons from the Bible can help heal the church

I was a victim of sexual abuse by Father Joseph Friel around 1962, as one of the main targets…an altar boy.

But these thoughts aren’t about that. The current church is paying for protecting the predators and ignoring the victims who were also their own. Jesus the shepherd saved lambs, as well as sheep.

I am still a loyal Catholic, but this is my beliefs. When the church is not doing God’s will, Jesus promotes chaos within the church until they surrender to His will. It’s ridiculous to have the whole world submit to one authority across the board, when there are 100 cultures with strong differences.

Our American Catholic culture can promote healing needs through married priests and women priests. Intellectually speaking, I had no one to go to, nuns were Catholic robots, if only there was a female priest I would not have to spend the rest of my life with memories of the abuse. Male priests, my parents, nuns of that day, I avoided telling lest I get punished for what I revealed. So I was alone with the experience.

The problems in Buffalo and within the church, are Jesus is trying to get the church to submit to His will. It’s not here yet, but Jesus will have His way in the end. It’s like Saint Francis, He was created to save the Catholic church from going down the tubes. He traveled to the Vatican where the Cardinals had concubines, Total corruption, the pope in this party place, knelt down and kissed St. Francis’ feet. St. Francis healed the church by doing God’s will.

Mike Stockmeyer


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