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Letter: Evangelicals support Trump due to his sincerity

A letter writer on Sunday, Oct. 21 asked how Christians can support Donald Trump with his alleged sordid past.

May I remind the writer that Saul was the greatest murderer of Christians, and after accepting Jesus on the road to Damascus, his name was changed to Paul, who was chosen by God to pen two thirds of the New Testament. Again, this letter writer follows the new order that Trump is guilty until proven innocent. I guess due process is outdated?

Trump accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior, was baptized by James Dobson. Trump followed Genesis 12 by blessing Israel. The anti-Christ crowd wants a one world government where everyone is enslaved to the god they call government.

Trump values human life, and is following biblical principles by protecting family, in this case, Americans. He is holding regular Bible studies in the White House, something that hasn’t happened in 28 years.

Finally, as Christians, we practice what Jesus showed to us, forgiveness. It’s liberating to forgive, I suggest the letter writer try it with Trump.

Martin J. Dziwulski


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