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Letter: Applying scientific method to religion offer answers

My mother Helen, “a saint,” brought me up as a Catholic. What that means in early 1940 was fairly simple at 5 years of age.

My involvement and education started as an altar boy. Have all the sacraments except two. Next was a mixed marriage, my wife was Missouri Synod Lutheran, and we agreed to keep our own religions and have a lot of discussions.

We wanted to know what difference it would make. Being very active, my first thing was becoming president of our parish Holy Name Society. Then came the Christian family movement, Then I became a Knight of Columbus third degree.

Next we became involved in the Cursillo movement and that was like going on a retreat on steroids. All of this and raising four lovely children. We were educating ourselves in all religions and asking a lot of questions but could never get answers from anyone. We were told to have faith in what clergy explained or could not explain. There were never any verifiable answers to my questions.

Over this time period science was making great advances faster and faster. So, I applied the scientific method to religious information and soon cleared things up. Religion has had no advances in over 2,000 years. This is where I am now, Catholic people are great but clergy are depending on very old information that cannot be verified.

Ray Ernewein

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