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Adam Zyglis Cartoon Caption Contest: October 2018 winners

We went with a spooky Buffalo themed image for this Halloween season. I was a little frightened to soften the giant response we’ve been getting by going with such an obscure visual, but I could tell there are plenty of Ghostbuster fans out there from all the clever captions.

It’s a little known fact that the art deco building in the Ghostbusters movie was partly inspired by Buffalo’s own City Hall. As a result, many readers referenced quotes from the film, including the gentleman who took first place.

And the winners for October are…

First Place
“Let's show this conjured up confection how we do things downtown.” Brett Glose, Kenmore

Second Place
“And to think, all along, I thought it was the Cheerios I was smelling.” Leslie Gorman, North Tonawanda

Third Place
“Oh look honey, you can see the mist from the Falls!” Luke Baker, Williamsville

"Byron Brown, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES." — James Majka, Niagara Falls, NY

"I gotta say, I liked the giant duck better.” — Robert Grant, East Amherst

"I'm the real October surprise." — Michael Bulas, Lancaster

"Looks like we're in a sticky situation up here." — Jon A. Harris, Buffalo

"Quick stop the Air Pump NOW!" — Wendy Schreiber, Warsaw

"If you think that’s scary, what if Josh Allen isn’t a franchise Quarterback?!” — Michael Rizzo, Buffalo

"If we cross the streams of the Green Code, better design, and informed leadership, we might have a chance." — Stephanie Adams, Buffalo

"Shouldn't his hat say 'Stay Buff?'" — Liam O’Mahon, Williamsville

"This is not what I meant when I said, 'Give me a puff piece on City Hall.'" — Megan Cook, Brooklyn NY

"Every Halloween this guy keeps coming back for s'more." — Keith Charles, Jamestown

"It's like clockwork: every year on October 13th he comes in person to pay his school taxes." — Bill Rauch, Boston, NY

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