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Letter: Trump does not display sound leadership skills

Like countless millions of others, I am very concerned and quite frankly, scared because of President Donald Trump’s so-called leadership. I direct my statements to Trump supporters. If you think this raging “man” is a great leader because he “tells it like it is,” you are sadly mistaken. Trump lies, exaggerates, withholds information and tells half-truths. He rages like a frustrated, hateful, impetuous, unhappy and vengeful child. Old sayings are so trite, but true. “Empty barrels make the most noise” applies here.

A true and competent leader is consistent, analytical, level-headed and a predictable old soul. Any herd or pack leader in the animal kingdom knows this. If a leader is chaotic and emotional, his followers will be, too.

When you vote in the midterms, I urge you to consider the lives and future of the younger generations.

Lynn Usewicz

North Tonawanda

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